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In honour of this fine day, and our two rather unsubtle boys. 

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Summary: It’s been far too long since Chris has had some time alone with his boyfriend, so he takes Cory to a cabin in the mountains for a weekend together. Unlike most things in Chris’ life, it doesn’t go to plan.

Note: So, I’ve been pretty blocked and thought I’d write something that’s silly and porny and fun. Apologies to Cimms and Aoi who don’t realize they’re indirectly responsible for this mess.

Here or under the cut.

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Been taking style tips from your boyfriend again, Chris?

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The only complaint I have about this gif set is that Cory’s tie is getting in the way of his bulge, and for that I am sad.

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"Damnit," Cory said, stamping his foot. "What do you mean you’re not in the mood? You’re always in the mood, you’re —"

"Getting out of Kurt’s wardrobe," Chris replied through gritted teeth, a patchwork of crimson flushing his cheek. "It expends more energy than you might realise."

Cory groaned, flopping down on the bed. Why didn’t Ryan continue that ridiculous storyline from that Mellencamp episode in Season 1? Christ, Chris had even been covered up in layers when they filmed that synchronised swimming episode. Unlike, say, Chord and Darren. Damn Chord, and his must be shirtless in alternate episodes clause in his contract. Heck, right now? They were probably enjoying each other’s layer-free bodies while Chris was struggling to release himself from some cross between S&M gear and Civil War reenactment attire.